Health and Safety Policy

The most dangerous conditions are associated with production. Accidents and injuries shall be avoided through systematic reduction of risks.

 By continuously influencing the employees' attitudes to their own behaviour and safety, accidents and injuries shall be avoided. We will work for a safe and health-promoting working environment. 

We will ensure that our products are according to specifications and requirements so that we also ensure patient safety and offer safe products to consumers.


Quality Policy

Our success depends on being able to quickly adapt to our customers needs and deliver wound care, first aid products and solutions as well as semi-finished products at the right quality, time and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
We will work systematically with continuous improvement in all areas.


Environmental Policy

Our business has an impact on the environment.

We will continuously work to reduce the impact on the environment and constantly strive to be ahead of the authorities' requirements.

We will manage our environmental aspects and sustainability so that we are perceived as a pioneering company.